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Leverage our extensive 16+ years of experience in the nutraceutical industry to maximize your brand’s potential. Sky Nutraceuticals is your trusted partner in OEM nutraceutical manufacturing, offering a holistic approach that covers everything from concept to delivery. Our seasoned team of experts, well-versed in nutraceuticals and health, ensures compliance with stringent safety regulations and international standards for purity, potency, and safety.


With our innovative formulations and customized nutraceutical solutions that are just as great as your brand, you can turn your unique visions into commercial reality. Developing a tailored formulation is what we do best. Thanks to our unrivaled industry knowledge and thorough understanding of each brand’s unique requirements, we can provide clients with a solution that truly fits their OEM nutraceutical needs.

Our experienced R&D team is readily available for responsible ingredient sourcing, in-depth research, and formulation testing for better product efficacy. We keep our eyes peeled for the latest trends regarding ingredients and packaging, distinguishing your brand from the rest and, thereby, leaving a mark in the ever-changing nutraceuticals market.


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In addition to our team of accomplished experts and scientists, our state-of-the-art equipment empowers us to undertake a wide range of projects. These advanced tools play a crucial role in crafting personalized nutraceutical solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs. As a trusted OEM nutraceutical manufacturing partner, we prioritize transparency regarding our ingredients while upholding the confidentiality of your formulations.


At our very core, we perceive product packaging as a whole, an element to communicate your brand’s values and establish a connection with the demographic you are targeting. With that in mind, our creative and passionate packaging designers blend functionality, sustainability, and contemporary visuals in packaging design, all while aligning with your brand’s essence.

We ensure that your product packaging takes center stage on shelves and, at the same time, enhances the user experience among consumers. Apart from choosing the ideal packaging materials to design eye-catching designs, our creative team ensures regulatory compliance with their strong grasp of the labeling requirements and specifications in major markets.


This service aims to streamline the regulatory submission and registration process for your soon-to-market nutraceutical products. We want to make this step as straightforward as possible so you can start marketing them to the local and international markets promptly. Our knowledgeable team is fully prepared to assess the regulatory aspect of your new products right after deciding which dietary supplement you wish to proceed with.

Allow us to handle the complicated compliance aspects on your behalf so you can confidently enter the market. Our all-inclusive registration and regulatory solutions comprise an extensive internal database that covers international regulations, such as Halal certifications, HSA compliance, brand and logo trademarks, and more.


A steadfast commitment to great quality is one of the key components in our pursuits of excellence. Our dedication extends beyond merely adhering to international standards; rather, we work to exceed them. We leave no space for compromise with our comprehensive 27- point safety and efficacy analysis, followed by applying our advanced Austria Filtration System.

At each phase of the manufacturing process, our team of quality assurance specialists ensures that rigorous standards of quality control are followed. In addition, we take great care to protect your brand’s reputation, from sourcing ingredients to thoroughly assessing the finished product. With that, you and your clients can benefit from the high-quality products you introduce to the market, which are of the highest caliber.

39 Quality Control checkpoints:

Excellence at Every Step

Raw Material



Mixing & Filling

Packaging Material

Packaging Material


We comply with the latest and most stringent industry standards, including Good Production Practices (GMP) and ISO certifications, throughout all phases of the
manufacturing process. Your nutraceutical products are manufactured in a regulated and safe environment as a result of our dedication to quality, which maintains their safety and effectiveness.

The integration of innovative technology and highly competent experts within our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants ensures consistency in product. Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products were made with the utmost dedication before introducing them to your crowds.


Our well-maintained storage spaces and facilities are made to safeguard against any harm or deterioration to your products. Moreover, you can count on our on-time deliveries of your goods in good condition with our reliable inventory management and warehouse personnel.

In addition, we take great pride in our extensive network of logistics and freight forwarders, which ensures hassle-free and secure transportation of your nutraceutical products. Since each and every one of our client has different demands and come from different countries, our trained logistics team will work together with you to find the best logistical solution for your particular requirements.


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Sky Nutraceuticals emerged as a nutraceutical OEM and dietary supplement manufacturer in Malaysia circa 2007. Over the years, we have established ourselves in the industry, boasting extensive capabilities of Halal and GMP certified OEM, ODM, and private label manufacturing, bringing tailored solutions to produce beauty and anti-aging supplements, functional food and beverage, weight management products, as well as health and wellness supplements, all while offering our unwavering commitment to quality throughout our one stop solution


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