Why Us

Here’s the 7 reasons why

Sky Nutraceuticals’ seven favorable edge in OEM manufacturing of functional foods, dietary supplements products.

We are proficient and efficient in what we do – plans and innovations are invariably on our agenda, providing engaging products and services in supporting our valuable customers and benefiting nutritional health & functional food industries globally.



10 years of nutraceuticals manufacturing experience, and we are continuously growing in health, beauty and wellness conscious market.

Safe, Secure, Reliable

Halal compliance, certified HACCP, ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management, ISO9001:2005 Quality Management, MeSTI (Safe Food Industry Responsibility) accredited by Ministry of Health Malaysia and GMP by National Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Agency for health supplement.

Incremental Innovation

Forward thinking, we invest into technology and future capabilities.

Infinite Inventions

Positively restless and dedicated in innovations. We have grown and supported our clients locally and internationally with ceaseless product research and invention.

One-Stop Solution of OEM, ODM, OFM

From creation to completion, we provide consultation, regulatory services, create formulas, design your brands, labels & packaging, manufacture final products and ship internationally.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We value each customer’s individuality and we protect our customer’s rights to privacy. Your information, identity, brands and plans are secured with us.

Technology Access

Market leading scientific knowledge is applied in our R&D and production technologies.

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