The Nutcracker, a symbol of Christmas
representing strength, power and keeps evil spirits away.

A Google search away, one could find that the keyword “Nutcracker” produces images of kings and soldiers baring their teeth – a rather repetitive expression, replaced only by different formats throughout thousands of images.

This year, our creative team decided to explore the other sides and emotions of the nutcracker. What would such a character feel? Does he feel sad? Perhaps angry? Maybe even awkward?

By going for a name play direction, we’ve utilized the word “Nut” from his name to come out with a nut supplement.

Our target audience? –  Nutty (Naughty) kids. Made from the blend of several nuts, this supplement is a rich source of minerals like copper, magnesium, phosphorus and zinc.

Interested in our creative concept?

To turn your idea into reality

As the title suggests, we believe that a sachet a day might keep the doctors away. We are certain that our supplement helps to promote optimal nourishment for your kid to support healthy physical development, digestion, and immunity.