Our Philosophy

Sky Nutraceuticals offers a complete one-stop service of functional food, beauty, dietary and health supplement, from formulation to brand design, packaging and delivery. We have unceasing passion for what we do – plans and innovations are invariably on our agenda.

Our Values


  • Take accountability and responsible for our actions.
  • Staying committed to our ethical principles of moral and sustainability for our future and generation to come.
  • Strive to product high-quality content.


  • Determined to achieve shared goals.
  • Respect, support and listen to each other.
  • Go above and beyond expectations to provide the best service and value for all partners and customers.


  • The sense of initiative, combined with diligence and competence in our responsibilities and duty.
  • Continuous search of innovative solutions in building relationships with customers, suppliers and community.
  • Be polite and humble, respect the different opinion and understand others.

Policy Statement

  • Be courageous to pursue our dream.
  • Be passionate in work, emphasize or enhance on effective communication.
  • Maintaining shared quality vision & focus on continuous improvement of our products, processes and services.

Know us better


Research & Innovation

Manufacturing Capabilities